Lay Dominicans del Espiritu Santo

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Our Chapter was approved by the Southern Province in 2016 during the celebration of the 800th anniversary of the founding of the Dominican Order.


Our current membership roster contains: Permanently Promised, Temporary Promised, Candidates and Inquirers


Our Permanently Promised:


Mrs. Maureen Antworth, O.P.,  Mr. William Cowdrey, O.P.,  Mrs. Carol Cline, O.P.,

Mr. Jody Finklea, O.P.,  Ms. Candace Ochoa, O.P.,  Mrs. Norma O’Meara, O.P.+RIP,  

Mr. William O’Meara, O.P.+RIP,  Mr. Michael Pearson, O.P.,  Mrs. Ann Salancy, O.P.,   Mr. Fred Salancy, O.P.,

Ms. Victoria Shackelford, O.P.


Our Temporary Promised:


Mr. Leon Foreman, O.P.,  Mrs. Lorian Wingfield, O.P.


Our Candidates: 

Ms. Cathey Bayless, O.P., Mrs. Jan Eckerle, O.P., Mr. Joseph Eckerle, O.P.


Our Inquirers:






About us

Our Local Chapter:

Executive Council

Mr. Michael Pearson, O.P.

Formation Director

Mrs. Carol Cline, O.P.


Mr. Leon Foreman, O.P. Treasurer

Mr. William Cowdrey, O.P.


Mr. Jody Finklea, O.P. Past President

Ms. Vikki Shackelford, O.P.

Vice President